• Image of Aston Microphones Spirit Condenser Microphone

Aston mics are a new UK mic manufacturer who's mics not only look different but redefine how condenser mics sound and cost.

Each mic is made to the most exacting standards being individually tested at each key stage of manufacture to ensure a reliable and consistent performance and the most musical sound capture possible.

Aston Mics have been voiced and tuned following extensive blind listening tests by a panel of 33 of the the most well respected names in the UK recording industry. Only when an overwhelming consensus for one particular mic and electronics combination was way out in front of other prototypes and competitor mics were the final designs approved.

Some of the unique features.
* Wave form mesh head provides shock absorption to protect the capsule and off axis rejection
* Built in Stainless steel open weave mesh pop filter than can be removed for cleaning.
* Direct stand mount
* 2mm stainless steel body with custom rumble finish. No two mics look alike.
* Hi Spec PCB and components

The Aston Spirit is a high performance Switchable pattern condenser mic with a 1" gold evaporated capsule. Selectable Omni, Cardioid and Figure 8 patterns. Its versatile enough for most instruments but excels on vocals and acoustic guitar. The hand selected capsule is teamed with hi end transformer-less circuitry using the highest quality components. Origin is designed to deliver direct, smooth and intimate sound for a natural and transparent recording capturing all the high end detail without imparting harshness that some condenser mics do.