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The award-winning H9 delivers Eventide's acclaimed sound and can run all of Eventide's stompbox effects.
The H9 multi effects guitar pedal features a simple, one-knob user interface which allows easy effect editing and preset selection. Two onboard footswitches let you change presets, tap tempo, and bypass with your feet during live performance.

While the H9 stompbox is fully controllable via its front panel, a free editor/librarian, H9 Control, can be downloaded to your Mac, PC, or iOS device. Use the H9 Control app for live editing, creating and managing presets, and changing system settings. H9 even connects via Bluetooth to iPods, iPhones and iPads for wireless live control.


* True analog bypass
* Real-time MIDI control
* Power supply included
* MIDI via DIN and USB
* Fast accurate tuner included
* Expression pedal and AUX footswitch input
* Sync to the beat with tap tempo or MIDI

All H9 Models feature the same physical specifications as well as the world-renowned Eventide sound. With the H9 Control app, you can customize any H9 with your favorite algorithms from TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space.

H9 Max

Time, Mod, Pitch, Space Preloaded with all effect algorithms and associated presets from the popular Eventide stompboxes.

* TimeFactor: 9 Delay effects + Looper
* ModFactor: 10 Modulation effects
* PitchFactor: 10 Pitch + Delay effects
* Space: 12 Reverb and Beyond effects
* UltraTap, Resonator, EQ Compressor and future exclusives.

The H9 Max also includes all future algorithms created for the platform at no additional charge.

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Eventide PowerMAx
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Eventide Rose
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