• Image of Extreme Isolation EX 25 Headphones

Direct Sound Extreme Isolation® Headphones were invented by a studio session drummer for drummers, stage & studio musicians, home studios and anyone wanting serious isolation.

Extreme Isolation headphones provide safety by protecting your ears from outside noise. By passively and naturally isolating your ears from noise, you will be able to listen at moderate to low volumes, thus eliminating the need to blast your precious ears with high volumes just to overcome the ambient noise. On the flip side, the headphones will not bleed click tracks and pre-recorded music into live microphones due to the unique seal.

The EX-25 is an excellent choice for those that prefer a more compact headphone. It weighs 2.5 oz. less than the model EX-29 and also features TruSound™Tonal Accuracy technology and will not bleed sound into live microphones. The speaker is tuned for the unique cavity shape of the earmuff.