• Image of Joe Meek JM 47a Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The JM47a is a high quality large diaphragm condenser microphone with Cardioid pattern. By using an FET device for the preamplifier circuit combined with a transformer-balanced output, we built a microphone that's destined to be an instant classic.

The capsule is made using a classic "center-electrode" design with dynamic feedback at the capacitor element. This insures that the JM47a will not exhibit low frequency "boominess" or distort as readily at high SPL. The diaphragm is manufactured from micro-fine Mylar, which is in turn gold sputtered. The body is machined from high-grade brass, with audio connection via a 3 pin XLR connector at the base. High Pass Filter and Pad switches increase the flexibility of this versatile microphone.

The JM47a is especially good for male and female vocals, and also excels for recording guitars and other acoustic instruments.

JM47 Specifications

* Dimensions: 137X22mm
* Frequency response: substantially flat 20Hz to 20KHz
* Sensitivity: approx. -36dBV
* Recommended load impedance: 2Kohm
* Signal to noise ratio: 74dB
* Dynamic range: 126dB

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