• Image of Mojave Audio MA-301fet Condenser Mic

The MA-301fet is a multi-pattern large diaphragm, solid-state condenser microphone. Based upon the popular MA-201fet designed by David Royer, the MA-301fet adds a 3-posistion pickup pattern selector, a15dB pad and a switchable bass roll-off.

Utilizing a 3-micron gold-sputtered capsule, high-quality Jensen audio
transformer, military-grade FET and custom designed low-noise resistors, the MA-301fet performs at a level reminiscent of some of the best
loved classic condenser microphones. Each MA-301fet microphone is
carefully tested and evaluated, then packaged in its protective case
with a professional grade shockmount.


* Multi-pattern: Cardioid, Omnidiectional, Figure-eight (Bi-directional)
* Switchable 15dB pad
* Switchable Bass Roll-off
* Hand-selected 3-micron 1" capsule
* Jensen audio transformer
* Military-grade FET
* Custom designed low-noise resistors
* Ultra clean signal path

Recommended Applications:

* Vocals
* Voice Over and Broadcast
* High SPL sources, such as Kick Drums and Bass Guitar Amps
* Electric Guitar
* Piano
* Drum Overheads, Drum Rooms