• Image of Nady CM 100 Measurement Microphone
  • Image of Nady CM 100 Measurement Microphone

The Nady CM 100 Reference Measurement Microphone features a linear frequency response, omnidirectional capsule, high sensitivity and is ideal for room calibration applications or general recording. The capsule's omnidirectional polar pattern provides a generous pick up area and is internally shock-mounted for minimizing handling noise. The CM 100 is ideal for capturing instruments, vocals, etc.

True, symmetric omni-directional pattern, high sensitivity, minimal self-noise, increased dynamic range, high SPL capability, and extremely smooth, linear 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response provide extremely precise measurements and transparent recordings

* Perfect for use with real-time analyzers for precise, accurate room acoustics alignments

* Ideal for highly effective, detailed recording of acoustic guitars and vocals

* Rugged construction, gold-plated XLR, and internal assembly shockmount for maximum reliability

* Includes foam windscreen for outdoor applications and mic stand clip (including ⅝" to ⅜" adapter)