• Image of The X Clip
  • Image of The X Clip
  • Image of The X Clip

The X Clip is the world's first dual microphone clip for pairing an SM57 with most SDC (small diaphragm condenser) microphones.

Up until now, studio engineers used gaffer, duct, electrical, masking and many other types of sticky tapes to pair two microphones in an inconvenient and sometimes damaging way. Who wants to duct tape their expensive microphones?

* No need for sticky tape
Throw away the conventional method of using tape, and mount your microphones the RIGHT WAY.

* Match Phase Easily
Using The X Clip allows each microphone to easily slide in and out after mounting for a convenient way and sure way to accurately adjust phase coherency.

* Eliminate an additional stand
There is already a limited amount of room when mic'ing up a snare drum, that's why The X Clip eliminates the need for an extra microphone stand to avoid cramming and making unnecessary drum/hi-hat adjustments.