Weight Tank VT-72 Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp


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The WT-72 brings you the character that the original V72 console modules are known for!

Inspired by the V72 modules originally built for the German Radio Network, the WT-72 offers 56 dB of gain, which can be driven by a microphone or line level source. The vintage modules only offered 34 dB of gain, so an additional 22 dB of gain is made in the WT-72 with small adjustments to the circuit while maintaining the most sought after tone and character we have all come to love.

The performance of a high-quality mu-metal shielded input and heavy duty output transformer as well as the output plate choke helps provide the character of its vintage inspiration!

Transformer balanced input and output give the WT-72 the character of the original

Audio passes through two EF86 tubes giving 56 dB of gain

A plate choke feeding the output EF86 provides large output swings at low distortion.

When "Line" is selected from the XLR IN switch, a 36 dB pad is placed before the input TX.

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Weight Tank Compressor
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